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Roys Sudoku Helper

roys_sudoku.xls A neat Excel spreadsheet to take the hassle out of solving Sudoku puzzles but still leave the challenge
Contains simple macros which are essential for it to work properly. They are completely safe!!
Macros must be enabled in Excel. (Tools / Macro / Security) and select "Medium" or "Low".
Also provides a sensible sized printout (two to a page) of a choice of more than 2100 puzzles.
Click the "Help" button for more assistance.


Making The Bag

Make The Bag The Exit Bag(video with Betty)

Parts and Manufacture of the Bag Description of Parts of the Bag (and Manufacture)  


Max Dog Nitrogen

Max Dog Nitrogen A Peaceful Death with Nitrogen(video)


Stress Reliever A Fun Way to relieve your computer stress (556 kb) (audio)


Arachnid Solitaire The world's best and most skillful solitaire game. Extremely addictive and a significant danger to mental health. Only 72 kb


Screen Sheep Acrobatics Amuse yourself with acrobatic playful Sheep (116kb)


On-screen cat Acrobatics

felix.exe Acrobatic playful Felix the Cat Sheep (307kb)


Viagra - her views

viagra.doc A tale of the vagaries of married bliss  (24kb)


Eskimo Nell the Poem (Click on the Heading)

The famous Eskimo Nell, considered the best bawdy poem in the English Language - allegedly the work of student Noel Coward (61kb)

This is a composite version, drawing mainly on an anonymous typewritten version from England circa 1957 and two apparently later and less complete versions sourced from Australia.

I have attempted to pick the best from each source having regard mainly to the literary consistency and style of the work.

A male view of the history of marriage

marriage.rtf "A Short History of Marriage" - Alan Cohen, ex "Punch" 1981
From the dawn of time to the modern age, a brilliantly witty review of the origins of where we are today (14kb)

Download marriage.rtf as a .zip file (

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